Posted by Nev Maluga and Charlie Rasmussen
Thank you to all who attended and did their shifts. The event went really well with a good representation of exhibitors. Those that I spoke to were very happy with the response and inquiry they received. 
John Larkin said the numbers were down on Thursday but there were more people through by 10am Friday than all of Thursday. Also they were allowed to park on the grass beside the Civic theatre on Friday. 
The pack up went really well and thanks to Keith for covering for me while I went to a Memorial service. When I arrived back all the flagging, bollards and bases had been collected and returned to the various locations and finished being loaded on my trailer. Our signs had been changed and were stacked by the Trailer. I finished loading the signs, sanitizer stations and we now have another Marque to store as well. We are missing 2 rolls of bunting that I have yet to track down. I loaned the Tea Terrace my 90LTR esky to use which took some tracking down as Ede Events staff had taken it with their tables and chairs but it was quickly returned. 
We will unload the trailer at the next Strand Markets , I will be placing the Markets Signs on the Strand prior to the next Markets. To those whose shifts were cancelled due to our efficiency we will catch up next time. The decision to hire an Events coordinator and Jeanette from Mareeba Markets were well worth the cost as the Event was well organized and ran very smoothly. I think we will be doing it again as a Rotary Event. We won’t know till after the next meeting how the numbers will stack up with a lot of outlay for set up costs. So once again thanks to all who contributed their time to make the event happen.