Posted by Nev Maluga on Apr 01, 2022
Yet another successful markets with the help of Tims friend along with ken , Charlie , Michael , Tom and Peter we managed to complete the task by 7-30 AM and most went to breakfast. 
The evening pack up was done by Ken .JOD , Tiffany , Keith , Tom , Peter , Trevor and the other Rotary members. We were pretty much done by 10-30 PM but once again we abandoned our Tom and Peter who were still wandering the park. I was nearly to the Vale hotel when I noticed my phone light up. It was Tom ringing to tell me I had a seniors moment and forgot to collect the taps, so much for the procedure manual on arriving back Tom and Peter were standing guard . we loaded them up and this time left together thanks Tom and Peter.
Tomorrow morning Ken and I will go to Reid Park to unload the Bollards ,Bases and Signs prior to returning the trailer to Riverway.